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Suki attended the 2017 CFDA Fashion Awards at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City (June 5).

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Hi Suki fans! I have (finally) added screen captures of episode four of The White Princess. I apologize for the delay!

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Model and actress Suki Waterhouse is busy. On a rare night off with GQ and Haig Club, the 25 year old joins Jack Guinness for drinks, dancing and just enough fun to feel refreshed the morning after.

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The Drop: Exclusive Music Video Premiere For Suki Waterhouse’s “Brutally”

Suki Waterhouse has been the face of Burberry and Redken, appeared on the cover of Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire, and acted in shows like Starz’s The White Princess — but there’s one thing she hasn’t done: star in her own music video. Until now. The 25-year-old released her first single, “Brutally,” back in November of 2016, and show she’s sharing the music video for the hazy breakup song exclusively with Refinery29.

“Brutally” may be a song about heartbreak, but it’s neither happy nor sad to listen to. Instead, it captures that one moment after the end of a relationship when you realize everything is for the best. Waterhouse and director Émilie Richard-Froozan wanted the video to be as personal as possible, which meant stripping things down to the basics. In the end, they decided to alternate between clips from vintage movies and personal videos the star took of herself.

“We took footage from videos I shot on my camcorder that correlated with the essence of the song,” Waterhouse explained. “I was filming in moments I was finding hard to sit and be alone with my thoughts and memories, when I look back at the footage I feel an understanding of who I used to be…even if it’s very recent footage. It’s a record of the tapestry of my life.”

The clips from the vintage movies are almost exclusively of couples kissing, but toward the end, things take a darker turn. “Love isn’t always safe or pretty. We wanted to be honest,” she continued. “Sometimes love can be aggressive and abusive. These images of hard passionate kisses side-by-side with brutal behaviors is what, more often than, not a lot of people experience.”

Waterhouse wanted the juxtaposition of these clips to reveal that love is very different than the fairy tale depictions we see in movies growing up.

“We get told these stories and then we get so disappointed,” she said. “We hold love to such conditioned narratives, and I’m forever searching for answers in an imperfect structure.”

In working out these feelings, Waterhouse crafts a video that perfectly captures the liminal moments of heartbreak, reminding us that it’s never exactly good or bad — in the words of Waterhouse, “It just is.”


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How Suki Waterhouse and Poppy Jamie Became Best Friends

It was a packed house Wednesday night inside the Sunset Tower Hotel, where model and actress Suki Waterhouse and her best friend, TV presenter Poppy Jamie celebrated the premiere of a short film, in collaboration with Kodak, for the spring/summer 2017 collection of Pop & Suki, their line of customizable bags and accessories.

“I’m slightly worried about the capacity,” said Jamie, as she looked around. The doors had opened just 30 minutes prior and was beginning to feel crammed. “I’m just happy people came out on a Wednesday.”

The two Brits met about five years ago in a nightclub down the road, she said, which was “slightly less chic than this.”

“I was wearing a massive, giant pink dress that night,” later shared Waterhouse. “We got introduced, and I was really attracted to her dancing, and then we just were glued to each other after that.”

“Really she is a soulmate to me,” said Jamie. “We talk about everything all day, every day.”

It’s one thing to be close friends and another to collaborate on this scale. It works, simply, because they’re honest with one another, said Waterhouse.

“And we’re not very competitive,” she added. “There’s so much positivity. Poppy is always looking at the positive. I need that around me.”

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I’ve added screen captures of the first episode of The White Princess, 1×01 – “In Bed with the Enemy.”

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King Henry VII sets out on Royal Progress, in an attempt to establish himself as the new sovereign, but finds a dangerous, deeply divided kingdom. Lizzie’s loyalties are further complicated by the child she is expecting.

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The Stunning Suki Waterhouse, Our April 2017 Vanities Star

The U.K. native is already a fashion-world staple, but this month she sets her sights on Hollywood, with the lead role in Starz’s The White Princess.

AGE: 25.

PROVENANCE: London, England.

BLOWUP: Discovered at 16, Waterhouse became an international “It girl” overnight. “I didn’t feel like I fit into the fashion world—I’m not a six-foot gazelle. Burberry was my big fashion break.”

STIFF UPPER LIP: Acting is her inherent calling. “All anyone does is act—starting as a baby playing peekaboo for applause. Then, when you get into the business side, 90 percent is dealing with rejection.”

HORSING AROUND: This month she stars as Cecily of York in the Starz mini-series adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s The White Princess. “I go against my family, even though the stakes are high to keep the throne. I ride sidesaddle for the action scenes.”< 90210: Later this year, she’ll trade corset for Corvette as Quintana in a remake of Billionaire Boys Club. “It’s a true story about some very naughty boys who get caught up in a Ponzi scheme—the girls are just as cheeky.”

IN THE CAN: Future projects include The Bad Batch, with Keanu Reeves, Future World, with James Franco, and Sam (son of Barry) Levinson’s Assassination Nation.

ENTREPRENEUR: Waterhouse founded the predominantly pink accessories line Pop & Suki with best friend Poppy Jamie. “I’m excited about expansion, and I love all the messages that our color pink encompasses today.”


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Today, January 5th, Suki is celebrating her 25th birthday. I’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to Suki! And to have a wonderful day. Remember to tweet Suki for her day!

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